GLASSGUARD™ Nanocoat DIY Kit from $49.99 $99.99
CUT YOUR CLEANING TIME BY UP TO 90% Saves Cleaning Time – an occasional wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes. Stays Clean – Keeps your glass clean and clear meaning you don’t need to clean as often. Better Protection – protects your glass against everyday use, including soap scum, heavy water, and chalky deposits (calcium carbonate) Cuts Cleaning Time – by preventing the build-up of dirt, minerals and soap scum. Lasts 5+ Years - by bonding to the glass, you only need to reapply once every five years. Environmentally Friendly – eliminates the regular use of harsh cleaning chemicals  
GLASSGUARD™ Black Silicone Squeegee
GLASSGUARD™ Black Silicone Squeegee $24.99
Keeps surfaces clean – When water evaporates it leaves behind dirt and grime. Removing the water from the surface will keep it clean for longer.   Prevents stains – If water is left to dry on surfaces, then it will leave behind the hard minerals found naturally in the water. Over time this will cause the surfaces to develop calcium and limescale stains. By removing the water from the surfaces you will prevent these long-term stains.   Subtle Design - The GlassGuard Black Silicone Squeegee has a subtle one-piece matt black design to blend into your bathroom.   Includes hook/holder – Each squeegee comes with a black hook/holder that you can hook over a cupboard or shower screen to hold the squeegee.
GLASSGUARD™ Microfibre Cloth Pack
GLASSGUARD™ Microfibre Cloth Pack from $24.99 $29.99
20 x premium quality microfibre cleaning cloths machine washable lint-free
GLASSGUARD™ Magic Glass Restoration Nano Sponge
GLASSGUARD™ Magic Glass Restoration Nano Sponge from $14.99 $24.99
The GLASSGUARD™ Magic Glass Restoration Nano Sponge is the perfect tool to magically remove hard water stains and mineral build up on glass and restore it to a brand new condition before applying our glass nanocoat solution.  Simply wet the sponge and scrub the stains away. The sponge is specially designed to easily remove stains without scratching your glass.   

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