GLASSGUARD™ Glass Restoration Stain Remover GLASSGUARD™ Glass Restoration Stain Remover
GLASSGUARD™ Glass Restoration Stain Remover from $29.99 $59.99
GUARANTEED STAIN FREE GLASS OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Our specially designed GLASSGUARD™ Glass Restoration Stain Remover will remove any hard water stains, mineral deposits, soap scum and tough stains from your glass restoring it back to a brand new condition.    Each bottle comes with a unique glass scourer pad to use with the stain remover.  It can be used on any glass, tile or ceramic surfaces including but not limited to shower screens, bath tubs, toilets, bathroom and kitchen tiles, car windows, ovens, exterior windows, glass pool fencing and solar panels.   
GLASSGUARD™ Tile & Grout Nanocoat
GLASSGUARD™ Tile & Grout Nanocoat from $34.99 $69.99
Tired of dirty tiles and grout being a blemish on your beautiful bathroom? Tiles and grout are porous meaning they absorb mineral deposits, soap scum and grime and are harder to clean than most surfaces. GlassGuard™ Tile & Grout nanocoat applies a non-stick, protective layer to your bathroom, preventing hard water stains and the build up of grime, dirt, mold and soap scum while making them easier to clean and protecting them from scratches and etching.
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GLASSGUARD™ Microfibre Cloth Pack GLASSGUARD™ Microfibre Cloth Pack
GLASSGUARD™ Microfibre Cloth Pack from $24.99 $29.99
20 x premium quality microfibre cleaning cloths machine washable lint-free
GLASSGUARD™ Black Silicone Squeegee
GLASSGUARD™ Black Silicone Squeegee $24.99
Keeps surfaces clean – When water evaporates it leaves behind dirt and grime. Removing the water from the surface will keep it clean for longer.   Prevents stains – If water is left to dry on surfaces, then it will leave behind the hard minerals found naturally in the water. Over time this will cause the surfaces to develop calcium and limescale stains. By removing the water from the surfaces you will prevent these long-term stains.   Subtle Design - The GlassGuard Black Silicone Squeegee has a subtle one-piece matt black design to blend into your bathroom.   Includes hook/holder – Each squeegee comes with a black hook/holder that you can hook over a cupboard or shower screen to hold the squeegee.

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