Choosing the Right Cloth: The kit includes three distinct cloths: a multi-surface cloth (black), a bathroom cloth (fluffy black), and a specialist glass cloth (white). Select the one most suitable for the surface you intend to clean.

Glass Cloth: This cloth is excellent for cleaning or drying glass to provide a streakless finish. Note that if the glass is heavily soiled, this cloth might not be able to remove all dirt and simultaneously give a streakless finish. For particularly dirty glass surfaces, consider rinsing or using another cloth for initial cleaning, and then finish with the glass cloth. If you find the cloth no longer leaves the glass streakless, it's time for a wash. For extensive glass cleaning, consider purchasing multiple cleaning cloth kits to have extra glass cloths at your disposal.

Multipurpose Cloth: This all-around cloth may slightly bleed when first used with detergent or acidic cleaners, so exercise caution if washing with other coloured fabrics. This cloth is suitable for cleaning any surface and will become your mainstay for house cleaning.

Dampen the Cloth: For most cleaning tasks, it's best to use the cloths slightly damp. Soak the cloth in warm water and wring out the excess so it's not dripping.

Bathroom Cloth: This cloth is uniquely designed to pick up more dust, hair, and grime than our other cloths, making it ideal for bathrooms. For dusting, try using this cloth dry.