Glass Nanocoat DIY Kit Support Information

Product Overview:

The GLASSGUARD Glass Nanocoat DIY Kit is a product specially designed to provide protective coating to various glass surfaces. It creates an invisible barrier that guards against everyday wear and tear, including soap scum, heavy water, and chalky deposits. Suitable for a range of glass surfaces including windows, shower doors and car windshields, it helps maintain a pristine and clear appearance with reduced cleaning efforts.

Application Instructions:

To apply the GLASSGUARD Glass Nanocoat DIY Kit, first make sure your glass surface is clean. Treat small sections of glass at a time, spray the nanocoat and use a dry Glassguard Microfibre Cloth to spread the Nanocoat around the surface in circular motions until dry. Repeat the process until you have treated the entire area.

Safety Information:

Always keep the product out of reach of children. Ensure that the area is well-ventilated when applying the product. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, and always wear protective gloves during application.

Efficacy and Performance:

The GLASSGUARD Glass Nanocoat DIY Kit is highly effective in reducing the build-up of dirt, minerals, and soap scum, cutting cleaning time significantly. Customers have reported a reduction of up to 90% in their cleaning time and a highly satisfactory long-lasting finish.


If you notice streaks after application, this could be due to over-application or not fully drying the surface after application. Reapply the product on the affected area according to the application instructions.

Product Lifespan:

When applied correctly, the protective coating from the GLASSGUARD Glass Nanocoat DIY Kit lasts for over five years, reducing the need for regular reapplication.


Maintaining the protective coating is easy. Simply wipe the glass surface with a damp cloth periodically to maintain its clean and clear appearance.

Environmental Impact:

The GLASSGUARD Glass Nanocoat DIY Kit is environmentally friendly. It eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals and the product itself does not contain any harmful substances.


The GLASSGUARD Glass Nanocoat DIY Kit is compatible with a wide range of glass surfaces including automotive glass, shower doors, windows, and more.

Product Line:

The GLASSGUARD product line includes the Glass Nanocoat DIY Kit, the Ultimate Restore & Protect Bundle, the Cleaning Cloth Kit, and more, catering to various customer needs for glass care and protection.


Some common questions include: "How much area can one kit cover?" "What if I make a mistake during application?" "What is the shelf-life of the product?" All these are covered in the FAQ section on our website.

Technical Specifications:

The GLASSGUARD Glass Nanocoat DIY Kit contains a specially formulated nanocoat solution. Each kit can cover up to 20 square meters of glass surface. Please refer to the product packaging for further technical details.