Jan 24, 2024

What is the Best Way to Clean Inside Windows Without Streaking? (5 Tips You Won't Want to Miss!)

What is the Best Way to Clean Inside Windows Without Streaking? (5 Tips You Won't Want to Miss!)

Looking out of windows so clean that it’s hard to tell they’re really there – is there anything better? When it comes to cleaning your windows, it can be extremely frustrating to find streak marks after you’ve finished. Luckily, we’ve got 5 tips you won’t want to miss to end up with streak-free glass, and the best window cleaner tools for the job. Let’s get into it!

1. Use microfibre cloths instead of paper towel

Microfibre has emerged as a powerhouse in the cleaning scene, useful for cleaning a variety of surfaces, it is particularly beneficial when used on glass. Not only are microfibre cleaning cloths better for the environment when compared to single-use paper towels, but they also wipe away window cleaning solutions with ease (the material picks up particles like a dream) to produce a superior finish.

2. Squeegees are your best friend

Squeegees are another tool gaining popularity in household cleaning. The silicone blade ensures the squeegee won’t scratch your glass when used on windows, and is a fast, efficient tool that quickly removes your glass cleaner for a streak-free finish.

3. Use an environmentally friendly cleaning solution

Your choice of products for cleaning is paramount to ensure that no streaks or residue are left behind on your windows. An environmentally friendly solution is an excellent choice to keep your windows sparkling clean while supporting Mother Nature in the process, and keeping your home healthier (bye bye, harsh chemicals).

4. Invest in a glass scraper

Have a particularly dirty window, and your usual cleaning products aren’t quite cutting it? A glass scraper is one of the best window cleaning tools to remove stubborn dirt, marks, grime, stickers, and other tough residue from your glass surfaces.

5. Protect your glass after cleaning

Sick of spending hours cleaning your windows? Nanocoat protection provides your glass with a surface that is difficult for dirt to adhere to, protecting against soap scum, grime, and water residue. You’ll spend less time cleaning your windows and more time enjoying a sparkling clean view.

There you have it - those are our 5 best tips to keep the inside (and outside, to be honest) of your windows cleaner for longer. By following these tips, you’ll be able to say goodbye to streaks on your glass for good!