Mar 07, 2023

Top 3 Reasons to Clean Your Shower Regularly and How to Do It

Top 3 Reasons to Clean Your Shower Regularly and How to Do It

Cleaning the shower sucks. We all know it. That’s actually why Glassguard was created. We got sick of feeling like we were cleaning and cleaning and cleaning the shower, only for it to get super gross again soon after. So, today we’re making life a little easier by sharing our best shower cleaning tips (and why you should clean your shower regularly).

Why clean your shower regularly?

1. Extend the life of your shower

Taking care of things generally helps them to last longer, right? Our homes, our possessions, even our own lives. It makes sense that giving the shower a once over while you're there, once a week or so, will help keep it fresh and free from mineral deposits and grime build up.

2. Prevent mould and mildew growing

Mould and mildew aren’t just horrible to look at, they can have some pretty negative health related effects too. For people with asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions, letting mould and mildew build up can cause harmful reactions. A regular clean with quality products can help combat the fact that the warm moist air in a shower is the perfect mould and mildew breeding ground.

3. Improve your shower’s appearance

A shower that’s been cleaned regularly looks more inviting and is much nicer for guests to use. Removal of soap, scum, hard water stains and other grime, with regular touch ups is the best way to keep your shower sparkling for longer.

Best shower cleaning tips

  1. Carry out small cleans regularly (for the reasons mentioned above).
  2. Use quality cleaning products that can tackle mould and mildew effectively.
  3. Don’t just clean your shower, restore and protect it as well.

If you need any more info about how to keep your shower clean with Glassguard, reach out. We’re always happy to help!