Oct 23, 2022

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist (Room-By-Room)

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist (Room-By-Room)

Winter has come and gone – now is the time for a good old-fashioned Spring clean! Here is our ultimate Spring cleaning checklist that outlines what to include in your cleaning schedule on a room-by-room basis. Good luck and have fun!


  • Dust off high surfaces – on top of cupboards, etc.
  • Wipe down walls, baseboards and benchtops
  • Clean off the stovetop
  • Clean out the oven
  • Clean microwave, dishwasher and other appliances
  • Throw out any old and expired refrigerator food items and wipe down shelves and drawers inside
  • Defrost the freezer
  • Go through the pantry and discard old food items
  • Vacuum and mop floors

Family rooms

  • Wipe walls and baseboards
  • Dust blinds and curtain rods
  • Clean windowsills and wash windows
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Clean out cabinets and dust off items inside
  • Dust shelves
  • Vacuum and spot clean couch and chair cushions
  • Vacuum and/or mop floors

Bathroom and laundry

  • Wipe walls and baseboards
  • Wash shower curtain
  • Clean makeup brushes and throw out expired personal items
  • Wipe mirror and clean vanity
  • Clean shower and bathtub
  • Clean showerhead
  • Remove mould with a high-quality mould cleaner
  • Clean and restore glass shower screens
  • Clean toilet
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Clean washing machine
  • Clean dryer vent and lint trap


  • Wipe down walls and baseboards
  • Dust/polish furniture
  • Flip mattresses
  • Dust blinds and curtain rods
  • Wash bedding
  • Clean windows and window sills
  • Vacuum and/or mop floors

Office and gaming rooms

  • Shred/recycle old paperwork
  • Dust bookshelf and desk
  • Clean keyboard and computer
  • Dust video game consoles and electronic equipment
  • Vacuum and/or mop floors

General household to-dos

  • Downsize – throw away or donate unused items and clutter
  • Test and replace smoke alarms
  • Replace light bulbs, if needed
  • Sanitise door handles, light switches, etc.

Of course, every Spring cleaning list will vary from household to household, but with this ultimate Spring cleaning list as a solid starting point, you can ensure your home is spick and span after hibernating through the colder months.