Jul 18, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly House Cleaning With Glassguard CleanerTabs

The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly House Cleaning With Glassguard CleanerTabs

We all want to do our part for the environment, right? Household cleaning can be a pretty damaging day-to-day activity for our soil, waterways and Mother Nature in general if it's not carried out with eco-friendly practices in mind. Today, we’re sharing our best tips for eco-friendly house cleaning and introducing you to our incredible new product: CleanerTabs. Just a few small changes, like implementing CleanerTabs in your home, can make a HUGE difference to the impact we make on the environment through our cleaning practices.

What are CleanerTabs?

CleanerTabs are our alternative to regular cleaning fluid. They are tablets that can be added to a spray bottle filled with water to create an incredible, high-quality cleaning fluid.

The vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, and non-scented cleaning fluid is allergy-friendly and safe for both children and pets. Plus, the compact tablets and plastic-free packaging make it an environmentally conscious choice.

We offer both multi-purpose and specialised glass cleaning solutions in tablet form to make sure your entire home is covered. The CleanerTabs come in a carefully curated kit with reusable cloths and spray bottles to make the introduction to your home cleaning routine that much easier.

Simply take a tablet, pop it into a spray bottle filled with water, allow the mixture to fizz and blend…then, you’re ready to clean. It’s as simple as that!

Now, let’s discover the best cleaning tips for an eco-friendly home…

Tip 1: Invest in reusable cleaning tools

We’re all used to working with disposable products like paper towels and mop pads, but these are the kinds of items that unnecessarily fill our waterways and landfills. Have a look at your existing cleaning products - if it’s disposable, there’s likely a reusable alternative (much like the reusable cloths and spray bottles in our CleanerTabs Starter Kit).

Tip 2: Choose non-toxic cleaning products

This won’t just help the environment but it will help your household too. Some cleaning products can be super harmful when touched, ingested or breathed in, especially for kids and pets. We are proud to offer cleaning products, like our CleanerTabs, that are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals that work just as well as (or even better than) traditional harsh chemical-based cleaning products.

Tip 3: Reduce water usage

There are plenty of ways to reduce your water usage while cleaning. You can try giving the shower a quick wipe-over while you’re already in there, using a bucket of water for household cleaning instead of having the hose or tap constantly running and using a cleaning cloth instead of paper towel as they tend to need less water to carry out a proper clean.

Tip 4: Opt for sustainable cleaning methods

Appliances like clothes dryers, washing machines and dishwashers use up A LOT of water energy. Handwashing and air drying items like clothes and kitchenware when practical can help reduce your environmental footprint as well as lower electricity bills.

Tip 5: Dispose of cleaning products properly and recycle when possible

Often, communities will have hazardous waste disposal programs for items that are unable to be recycled via the general recycling bins. Take care to follow any disposal instructions listed on the product packaging.

Next time you go to clean, think about how a few simple, low-effort changes can make the world a safer place for us and our environment. Check out our awesome CleanerTabs Starter Kit for a happier, healthier, greener cleaning experience.