Mar 20, 2023

The Most Important Dos and Don'ts of Glass Stain Removal

The Most Important Dos and Don'ts of Glass Stain Removal

Most glass stains seem to come out of nowhere! One day you’ve got a beautiful, gleaming glass surface and the next the shower door is stained with hard water and the coffee table is full of condensation rings. Glass stains can be super difficult to remove, so here are our best tips for glass stain removal to help save time and ease frustration.


1. Try a gentle approach

Simply use a soft microfibre cloth and warm water to try and remove the stain as a first attempt. If this doesn’t work, move on to more specialised glass cleaning products (like the ones in our Glassguard collection).

2. Use products specifically designed for glass cleaning

This is a big one. Don’t try using a general cleaning fluid, scourer or other cleaning method that hasn’t been specially designed to work on glass. By using these kinds of products you could risk making the stains worse, causing long-term damage and even breakages.

3. Protect your glass from future stains

Prevention is the best cure! It’s definitely better to take preventative measures and safeguard your glass from stains than to just let stains keep building up time after time. So, once you’ve managed to get your glass nice and clean, use our GLASSGUARD™ Glass Nanocoat DIY Kit to add an extra layer of protection. You’ll save time on future cleans, increase the lifespan of your glass and give it better stain protection from soap scum, heavy water, and chalky deposits (calcium carbonate).


1. Leave stains to accumulate

Unless you’ve got a protective barrier on your glass, you’ll be wanting to clean it often to try and catch stains before they have a chance to set in and become permanent.

2. Use a cleaning product without testing

Glass, like any other surface, may not respond well to certain types of cleaning products/chemicals which can actually make existing stains worse. Always carry out a spot test before going ahead with the full clean.

3. Use newspaper

We know, using newspaper and Windex has been a super popular glass cleaning method for a long time now. The problem with this is that the ink on the newspaper can transfer to the glass, resulting in more stains to have to clean.

Remember, the best time to clean and protect glass is before stains have a chance to appear!