Sep 22, 2023

A Cleaner Home in Less Time: 3 Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks

A Cleaner Home in Less Time: 3 Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks

Keeping your home clean is a rewarding but time-consuming task. However, with the right cleaning hacks and solutions, you can achieve a cleaner home with less time spent scrubbing. Let's dive into these time-saving tips that will make your cleaning routine significantly less of a hassle!

1. Find a multipurpose cleaner that actually works 

A lot of multi-purpose cleaners on the market claim to offer a pristine clean for all surfaces but rarely do the trick. They’re also often made with harsh chemicals and can require you to use a lot of the product (and a lot of time-consuming elbow grease) to end up with a decent clean. Finding a multi-purpose cleaner that actually works is an absolute game changer for saving time while cleaning.

Pro Tip: Pick up our CleanerTabs Starter Kit for a multi-purpose cleaning solution that’s environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, cost-effective and uses minimal product with each clean.

2. Pick up a squeegee for in-between cleans

When it comes to streamlining cleaning, a squeegee is your best friend. This handy tool removes water, soap scum, and grime from shower doors, walls and tiles. It takes 30 seconds (or less!) to pick up a squeegee and swipe across the surfaces in your shower each time you’re in there. By doing this, you can extend the time between bigger cleans, saving time in the long run.

Pro Tip: Our GLASSGUARD Squeegee comes in a stylish black silicone design AND includes a handy hook for hanging conveniently in your shower.

3. Nanocoat surfaces for an added layer of protection

Nanocoating surfaces in the home offers so many benefits, but one of the ones our customers love most is that it saves them a massive amount of time when cleaning is involved. Applying nanocoat creates an invisible barrier to protect your glass surfaces against everyday wear and tear, including soap scum, heavy water and chalky deposits. This means more time between bigger cleans, and when bigger cleans are needed, you can see sparkling results without hours of scrubbing involved.

Pro Tip: Apply specialised nanocoat solutions to your glass, tile and grout and bath and toilet for an added layer of protection and reduction in time spent cleaning.

With these time-saving cleaning hacks and a little help from our range of cleaning solutions, you can maintain a cleaner home in much less time.