Sep 09, 2022

5 More Bathroom Cleaning Tips from Professionals for a Sparkling Clean Bathroom

5 More Bathroom Cleaning Tips from Professionals for a Sparkling Clean Bathroom

Looking for more bathroom cleaning tips to help keep your home sparkling clean and hygienic? Check out the 5 suggestions below that have been tried and tested and provided by experienced cleaning professionals. For quality bathroom cleaning products that work in a range of other places around the house as well (both indoors and outdoors) check out the Glassguard online shop today! Our eco-friendly, high quality, non-toxic cleaning supplies will help put these tips and tricks to use.

1. Keep smaller items off the vanity

A simple trick to keep things looking clean and tidy is to store items out of sight as much as possible. This will also make it easy for you to keep the bathroom tidy and notice areas that need cleaning. Consider investing in drawer and cupboard organisers to help effectively store items in small spaces.

2. If you must use bleach, use it with cold water

Bleach isn’t a product we’d recommend using, but if you MUST, just know that using it with warm water can render it completely ineffective. Use with cold water for best results when/if you need to clean with bleach.

3. Keep the hand-held vacuum close by

Spot cleaning will be far easier for you to maintain if you have your cleaning tools close at hand! Give your bathroom a once-over every other day with the vacuum to keep dust and hair to a minimum. It could be worth picking up a miniature vacuum to store in the bathroom cupboard for easy access.

4. Use a squeegee in glass showers

After every shower, use a quality squeegee on any glass surfaces. This will help to reduce grime build up and keep the glass looking cleaner for longer.

5. Clean up dust before mopping the floor

Before giving your floor a good mop, ensure you give it the once over with a vacuum or broom and clean up any dust or dirt that may be on the floor. Your floor will then look spotless after a mop and won’t leave dirty marks.

Stay tuned for more household cleaning tips from professionals right here on the Glassguard blog!