May 12, 2023

5 Handy Tips For Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

5 Handy Tips For Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

We’re not going to lie…cleaning products made specifically for glass shower doors are kind of our thing. We can happily say that we’ve become pretty knowledgeable on the subject, so we’re sharing 5 of our most useful tips for cleaning glass shower doors. Feel free to use them next time your shower needs a little TLC.

1. Give the glass a wipe down while you shower

Take literally 10 seconds to give the glass door a quick wipe down each time you shower. It’ll help increase the time between big cleans and make big cleans easier when they are needed.

2. Keep a squeegee/magic sponge within reach when you shower

This goes hand in hand with tip 1. If you’ve got a sponge, squeegee or cleaning cloth within arm’s reach each time you shower, there’s no excuse to not give the glass a quick wipe down while you’re in there.

3. Use specialised glass cleaning products

Finding the right specialised cleaning products for your glass shower door can make all the difference. Multipurpose cleaners and even some general glass cleaners just don’t have the same cleaning power as purpose-made products.

4. Clean, protect, maintain

When it comes to cleaning glass shower doors and maintaining that clean, it is important to follow three steps: clean, protect, maintain. We’ve created the perfect way to do this with our GLASSGUARD™ Glass Restore & Protect Kit.

5. Avoid homemade remedies

Lemon juice, bicarb soda and vinegar are all homemade remedies that are shared online for glass shower door cleaning. You can try them if you like, but they honestly will not provide a better clean than a specialised glass cleaning product.

Now, you’re more than ready to tackle your next bathroom clean. Good luck!