Aug 22, 2023

3 Ways to Avoid Dirty Grout Before It Starts Looking Stained

3 Ways to Avoid Dirty Grout Before It Starts Looking Stained

Dirty grout got you down? Those stubborn grout stains seem to appear out of nowhere, and once they settle in, they can be a real hassle to remove. Use these 3 tips to clean and protect your grout before it has a chance to stain!

1. Choose your grout wisely

When it comes to preventing dirty and stained grout, your choice of grout during installation can play a massive role. Traditional cement-based grouts are porous and more prone to absorbing liquids and dirt, leading to discolouration over time. On the other hand, epoxy grout is a fantastic alternative that offers superior stain resistance and durability. By opting for epoxy grout during your tiling project, you're likely to significantly reduce the chances of your grout becoming dirty and stained, as opposed to using traditional cement grout.

2. Don’t let spills and dirt linger

The longer you leave dirty marks, mould and other ‘yucks’ on your grout, the more likely stains are to form. Try and get in the habit of cleaning up any spills or messes (not just on grout, but throughout the house) as soon as they happen to avoid the mess sinking in and staining over time.

2. Protect it with a tile and grout nanocoat

One of the most effective ways to prevent grout stains and make cleaning a breeze is to use a high-quality tile and grout nanocoat. If you’ve not heard of nanocoat before, how it works is it creates an invisible barrier that repels liquids and dirt, making it much harder for stains to seep directly into the grout. Our Tile & Grout Nanocoat spray not only shields your grout from stains but can also enhance the overall durability of the surrounding tiles. It's easy to apply and works wonders in busy areas like kitchens and bathrooms where - let’s face it - spills are 100% going to happen.

Where grout is involved, it’s safe to say that protection lies in prevention! Investing in a tile and grout nanocoat can save you time and effort in the long run, and combining it with choosing the right type of grout and implementing proactive cleaning habits will help keep your grout clean and clear of stains for much longer.