Oct 23, 2023

3 Steps to Remove Mould Stains From Silicone and Grout (And Keep Them Away)

3 Steps to Remove Mould Stains From Silicone and Grout (And Keep Them Away)

Mould stains on silicone and grout are super unsightly and can pose health risks if left untreated. Fortunately, with the right approach, you can eliminate them and prevent their return. Here are 3 crucial steps to remove mould stains from silicone and grout that will help ensure that they stay away for good.

1. Identify and address any condensation or water leakage issues in the affected area

This is absolutely the most important step in this process. Before you tackle the cleaning and prevention of mould stains, it's essential to address the root cause. Mould thrives in damp and humid environments, so if there's excess moisture or water leakage in the area, you must resolve these issues first. Check for leaky pipes, poorly sealed windows, or insufficient ventilation. Once the moisture problem is under control, you can effectively move on to steps 2 and 3 to clean the mould stains and prevent them from returning.

2. Use a quality mould cleaning product to remove the mould stains

To get rid of existing mould stains, invest in a high-quality mould remover product (like our Miracle Mould Removal Gel)  and use it according to the instructions on the packaging. Try to avoid products with harsh chemicals and note that you may need to repeat the application of a mould removal product for best results.

3. Protect the silicone and/or grout with nanocoat protection

Once you've eliminated the mould stains, prevention is key. Applying a tile and grout nanocoat is an excellent way to protect porous surfaces (including silicone and grout) from moisture and mould. The nanocoat creates a protective barrier, making it more difficult for mould to take root and thrive. Again, simply follow the manufacturer's instructions to apply the nanocoat and enjoy long-lasting protection against mould.

Follow these steps next time you notice a mould infestation - your home will definitely thank you for it.