Jan 10, 2024

3 Reasons to Invest in a Specialised Window Cleaner

3 Reasons to Invest in a Specialised Window Cleaner

While there are plenty of cleaning products available in grocery stores, opting for a specialised window cleaner can significantly enhance your cleaning routine. Here are 3 reasons why investing in a specialised window cleaner can make a remarkable difference.

1. Unparalleled cleaning outcomes

Specially formulated window cleaners are designed to target grime, fingerprints, and stubborn marks on glass surfaces effortlessly. They will often ensure a streak-free finish, leaving windows crystal clear and gleaming without leaving behind any unsightly streaks or smudges.

BONUS: Use microfibre cleaning cloths to help reduce streaks and achieve a better clean every time.

2. Long-lasting shine

Another reason why we recommend specialised cleaning products is their ability to provide long-lasting shine (and protection with the help of a nanocoat solution) for glass surfaces. By investing in these higher-quality cleaning products, you not only achieve a pristine shine but can also prolong the cleanliness of your windows, reducing the frequency of cleaning and maintenance.

3. Less reliance on harsh chemicals

Generalised grocery store cleaning products often contain harsh chemicals and are not environmentally friendly (or healthy to use in homes with people, pets, and plants in proximity). We can't speak for every specialised window cleaner, but our GLASSGUARD products don't include harsh chemicals, offering a safer, more environmentally friendly clean.

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