Mar 27, 2024

3 of the BEST Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products for Pet Parents

3 of the BEST Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products for Pet Parents

We always try to make sure our homes are safe for our pets, however cleaning with pets can be quite a challenge as they love to make a mess! Many of us forget that this safety also extends to cleaning products. Some harsh chemicals and cleaning products are just as bad for our pets as they are for us and the environment. With that in mind, we have 3 pet-friendly cleaning products that will ensure your four-legged friends are kept safe and sound.

1. Wipe away drool, paw prints and furry messes with CLEANERTABS multi-purpose pet-friendly cleaning solution

A must-have for pet owners, CLEANERTABS dissolvable multi-purpose cleaning tablets offer a cat-safe cleaning product, but it’s also safe for dogs, frogs, birds, and other animal friends of the household! Available in fresh scents, that doggy smell will be kept at bay so your home will always smell wonderful. Paired with reusable microfibre cleaning cloths, CLEANERTABS are a great all-purpose, pet-safe cleaning option for your home.

2. Keep pet wash areas cleaner for longer with protective tile and grout nanocoat

Keeping our pets clean is an important part of their care routine. Wash areas for our pets are also important to keep clean, as fur and dirt can quickly build up and create odours. Tiles and grout are especially prone to pet mess, as they are found in bathrooms and laundries where pet cleaning generally occurs. Introducing a pet-friendly protective tile and grout nanocoat barrier to these areas will help keep them cleaner for longer, whilst also repelling water, mud, dirt and fur that may be left behind by your pet. This added layer of protection will allow you to wipe their mess away quickly and easily.

3. Pets travel in cars too - protect pet-prone car surfaces with a car nanocoat

Our pets quite often travel in our car with us, especially dogs. Whether it’s to the vet, the park, or the beach, our car is a space we often forget about when it comes to maintaining a clean environment with pets. Dogs are not always confined within the car, so it’s important to use dog-safe cleaning products and car nanocoat on the external car surfaces to avoid exposing pets to harsh chemicals. Similar to the point above, car nanocoat protection will help keep your car clean, especially when it comes to preventing muddy paw prints and light scratches on the paint job.

It’s always the right time to make choices that positively affect your pets. By making the switch to pet-friendly cleaning products, you know you’re doing everything you can to keep your best friend safe from harm.