Feb 07, 2024

3 Major Steps That You Don't Want to Miss in Your Cleaning Routine

3 Major Steps That You Don't Want to Miss in Your Cleaning Routine

Cleaning is a monotonous task for many of us, but it is made easier when following a routine, and knowing when and what you need to clean. Following certain steps within your routine ensures nothing is missed and you can rest assured that you’re conducting a thorough clean, every time you clean. So, what are 3 major steps in cleaning that you don’t want to miss in your routine? We’ve got you covered…

1. Squeegee your shower glass

Glass in your shower can build up grime and soap scum incredibly quickly. An easy way to combat this in order to make cleaning easier is to keep a squeegee in your shower. Every time you shower, simply wipe excess water (and other residue) away with the squeegee.

BONUS: Following your routine shower clean with a surface protection nanocoat will also keep grime and dirt to a minimum on your glass.

2. Wipe surfaces daily

You’d be surprised by how much dirt, dust, and bacteria surfaces like benchtops can quickly gather. Crumbs and food waste will attract nasty unwanted guests to your home like mice and cockroaches - yuck! Regularly cleansing benches with quality cleaning supplies and microfibre cloths will keep your benches cleaner for longer, and this is a quick and easy step to incorporate into your daily routine.

3. Always clean from top to bottom

Have you ever wondered why there’s suddenly dirt and dust on your freshly vacuumed floor? Chances are you are the cause! Always clean from top to bottom to ensure you don’t create extra mess and double the cleaning work for yourself!

Keeping your home clean is easy when you follow a schedule. These 3 major tips will also ensure you don’t miss anything when cleaning and can even increase the time needed in between big cleans. You’ll find your home is tidier for longer, with less effort required to keep it that way!