Jan 15, 2024

Remove Hard Water Stains From Glass Shower Doors With These 3 Powerful Shower Cleaners

Remove Hard Water Stains From Glass Shower Doors With These 3 Powerful Shower Cleaners

Sick of staring at gross hard water stains on your shower door whenever you spend time in your bathroom? Your guests probably are as well. Today we're sharing 3 powerful shower cleaning solutions that, when used effectively together, can tackle stubborn residues and restore your shower door to its former glory! Let's dive in...

1. Glass Restoration Stain Remover Diamond Edition

This stain remover is a powerful and effective solution for getting rid of stubborn stains, mineral deposits, and soap scum from glass surfaces. Its specially formulated ingredients work to restore glass to its original shine and clarity, leaving it looking like new again. When it comes to choosing the best shower screen cleaner for hard water stains, this is our pick of the bunch!

2. Magic Glass Restoration Nano Sponge

Need a tough but gentle glass cleaner for shower glass in your home? We have just the thing! Check out the glass restoration nano sponges in our GLASSGUARD collection that have been specially created for use on glass surfaces (including shower doors with hard water stains and other build-up).

3. Silicone Squeegee

Cleaning the shower screen doesn't have to be a mammoth task each time it pops up on your to-do list. You can help prevent hard water stains from appearing simply by using a squeegee shower glass cleaner for 10 seconds during your daily shower routine. Just hang it up in your shower and swipe over the glass surfaces to remove any excess water and help prevent build-up of stains and soap scum over time.

Now you know what removes hard water stains from glass shower doors (and how to keep it that way). Happy cleaning!