Jun 25, 2024

How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Glass (3 Cleaning Products That Will Excel)

How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Glass (3 Cleaning Products That Will Excel)

Dealing with stubborn hard water stains on glass surfaces can be a frustrating challenge. These unsightly marks are caused by mineral deposits left behind when water evaporates, and they can be particularly tricky to remove. Fortunately, with the right approach and effective cleaning products, you can restore your glass to its original clarity. Whether you're dealing with shower doors, windows, or windscreens, these items will make the task a breeze.

1. A magic eraser sponge

Magic eraser sponges are incredibly helpful cleaning tools, especially when it comes to removing hard water stains and mineral build-up on glass surfaces. We can’t speak for all magic sponges, but our Magic Glass Restoration Nano Sponge is made from specialist melamine foam. This delicate yet powerful foam has been specially designed to easily remove stains without scratching your glass.

2. An automated drill scourer

Now, this is a highly underrated glass cleaning tool that you may not have even heard of. With the combined power of a drill and a specialised drill scourer brush, you’ve got a quick and easy solution to cleaning hard water stains and other messes that build up on glass surfaces. The best part? Scrubbing is automated as the drill spins the scourer - there’s no need to wear yourself out with scrubbing.

3. A specialised glass cleaning solution

When hard water stains are involved, run-of-the-mill cleaning supplies simply don’t cut it. Investing in a specialised glass cleaning solution is going to help clean and restore glass to its original state - no streaks, no stains, all shine.

We hope this has helped to explain how to clean glass shower doors with hard water stains (along with other glass surfaces). We stand by these items as some of the best glass cleaning products on the market - try them for yourself and let us know your thoughts!